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Custom Colour Anodising offer a variety of pre treatment options such as:

Glass/Bead/Grit and Aqua Blasting

Components are often blasted using any of the above techniques prior to being anodised. Blasting components can smooth out slight machine lines and flaws, giving a differing texture to the anodised product.

Chromate Conversion

Custom Colour Anodising offers both alochrome 1200 (Gold) and alochrome 1000 (Clear). The benefits of this process are:-

  • The surface is corrosive resistant
  • Alochroming forms a good bond for paint
  • Offers low electrical resistance

And due to the very thin coating there is no dimensional change to componets which have been alochromed.

Chemical Brightening

Another way of producing bright finishes on aluminium omitting the need for mechanical polishing (which can be costly). Most commonly used in the lighting industry for reflectivity, chemically brightening is also used for a decorative finish to give components that finishing touch.

For any further information on any on these processes please do not hesistate to contact us.

Custom Colour Anodising Ltd was established on the 1st March 2005 and specializes in decorative and protective aluminium anodising, offering top class quality and an efficient service to all our customers - whether large or small. Our company prides itself on the ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

Custom Colour Anodising offer not only a wide range of colour finishes such as Red, Black, Blue, Orange, Gun Metal Grey, Gold, Silver, Bronze plus many more and each colour can be available in different shade to customers own preference. We also offer Hard Anodising, Chemically brightening, Chromate conversion, PTFE Coating plus pre anodising treatments such as glass blasting, bead blasting etc.

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