Hard Anodising

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Hard Anodising is not a decorative process, but over the last decade has become increasingly more popular within the Aerospace, Catering and Automotive industries due to hard anodised components being able to withstand extreme heat conditions and being non-conductive. It is also used in other engineered parts such as cylinders, pistons, hydraulics etc, which require a greater abrasion resistance. Examples can also be found in the sub-sea industries and in the medical industry for prosthetic joints, which are hard anodised for additional strength and are corrosive resistant to blood.
This process is also ideal when dealing with harsh weather conditions and salt sprays.

Often components may require certain areas to be free of anodising, such as bores or threads or areas which require an electrical contact. Custom Colour Anodising can achieve this by masking using a variety of methods such as rubber bungs, special adhesive tapes etc.

We also offer our customers the further option of PTFE coating which is applied after hard anodising, on components which are going to be subject to abrasive conditions. This gives greater resistance to wear.

Hard anodising aluminium gives a much darker coating than standard sulphuric anodising, but the shades of the finish differ depending on aluminium spec and tolerances required, so colour matching is not always possible and cannot be guaranteed. However due to the controlled anodising conditions we can offer some degree of stability in colour matches.

Custom Colour Anodising Ltd was established on the 1st March 2005 and specializes in decorative and protective aluminium anodising, offering top class quality and an efficient service to all our customers - whether large or small. Our company prides itself on the ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

Custom Colour Anodising offer not only a wide range of colour finishes such as Red, Black, Blue, Orange, Gun Metal Grey, Gold, Silver, Bronze plus many more and each colour can be available in different shade to customers own preference. We also offer Hard Anodising, Chemically brightening, Chromate conversion, PTFE Coating plus pre anodising treatments such as glass blasting, bead blasting etc.

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